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My pet little pig. :)

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My pet little pig . Caught a wild boar.

How much does a boar weigh on average
the average weight of the boar We will talk about the average boar that lives in normal conditions. The average weight of an adult wild boar varies betweenkg. there are smaller individuals: 70 kilograms is also a normal indicator, but among hunters such a boar is considered smallish. The average mass of large individuals iskg. Some individuals reach 200 kilograms.Russia is a mysterious country. It can be very cold and very hot. But there are good people everywhere. My friend subscribe to the channel and you will know a little more about this country.
I live in Russia and I want to show Wat what is not talked about on TV. Each like or dislike is an assessment of my work ..
Thank you in advance.
Caught a wild boar.
Russia wild boar

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